Melanie ChilekMelanie Chilek is a respected, executive producer, and creator of entertainment, factual, and non-fiction content. She is a skilled leader, an executive who loves to turn good ideas into good businesses. Melanie has won numerous awards including several Emmys for her work in news, documentary and non-fiction entertainment television. As a studio executive at Sony Pictures Television and Lifetime Television she developed, launched and supervised more than 35 series for daytime, cable prime time, and broadcast network prime time, in every genre of non-fiction programming. As the SVP of non-fiction programming at Sony, she mined their extensive library bringing iconic titles like “The Dating Game,” “The Newlywed Game,” “Pyramid,” and “Ripley’s Believe it or Not,” to life in syndication, cable and network prime time. Her experience in women’s and lifestyle programming turned daytime shows into individual profit centers and international success stories under her leadership. She has built original programming units, development departments, staffed shows ranging in size from six to over 200, and managed budgets upwards of $30million. A skilled negotiator, she has made talent, producer and rights deals. She has overseen marketing and publicity plans, and executed advertiser partnerships. Melanie and Michael work together as a dynamic team overseeing all creative, business, production, and administrative functions of the company.