Killer Hornets from Hell

Its sting dissolves human flesh and pumps pounds of paralyzing poison into unsuspecting victims. Meet the Asian Giant Hornet, a behemoth-buzzing man-killer that grows as large as a human thumb. A few dozen can easily kill a human and destroy a beehive of tens of thousands. And if you think you can run away, think again. The Asian Giant Hornet comfortably flies 50 miles a day. Now with climate change, expanding global transportation, and increasing human construction in natural habitats, the danger and deaths are increasing. With an epicenter in Japan, the Asian Giant Hornet and its cousin the Asian Hornet are expanding their territory from Japan to Europe and now even the United States. Explore the biology and life cycle of Asian Giant Hornet, including notable attacks, hornet hunters, and intriguing sidebar stories on everything from drone hunting technology to bizarre and popular foods made from everything from larvae to insect venom. Follow this monster menace as it overruns the northern hemisphere… only on Killer Hornets From Hell.